frequently asked questions

What should I bring to my appointment and what should I wear to my appointment?

Please bring any MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray scans and reports that are relevant to your presenting complaint with you to your initial appointment.

Osteopathic treatment is hands-on, so you may be required to remove certain items of clothing depending on the location of your presenting issue, if you are comfortable to do so. We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing that is easy for you to move around in. A gown will be available to keep you covered and warm during treatment if you require one.

How long will my appointment take and how much does it cost?

Initial Osteopathic consultations are 45 minutes long and include a full medical history, assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Initial consultations cost $100.

Return consultations are 30 minutes long and cost $90.

Is Osteopathic treatment covered by private health insurance and do I need a referral?

If you have extras cover including osteopathy and you have your private health insurance card you will be able to claim a portion of the treatment cost. This amount varies from fund to fund. At Osteopaths of Ivanhoe, we have a HiCaps facility so if you have private health insurance you can claim on the spot and will only have to pay the gap.

No, you don’t need a referral. Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners and you can, therefore, make an appointment over the phone, in person or on this website (online booking tab in top right corner).

What qualifications does my Osteopath have?

Australian Osteopaths have completed a 5 year University Degree (3 years Bachelor of Science and 2 years Masters in Osteopathy). All Osteopaths must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association (AHPRA). At Osteopaths of Ivanhoe we undertake continued professional development on a regular basis under Osteopathy Australia guidelines.

What’s the difference between Osteo/Physio/Chiro?

This is a very common question and it can often be confusing when deciding who you should see. While they may all seem very similar, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are set apart by their different principles and treatment methods. While it is not our place to describe the philosophies of others modalities, some of the defining features of Osteopathic treatment include treatment techniques that address both the muscles and joints of the body, a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of a patient’s health, treatment that is ‘hands on’ without the use of machines, treatments of ample duration so you will never feel rushed in and rushed out and a strong focus on addressing the underlying cause of your issue to providing not only symptomatic relief but long lasting outcomes.

Which areas do we service?

At Osteopaths of Ivanhoe we treat patients from Ivanhoe, East Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Macleod, Fairfield, Alphington, Heidelberg, Bulleen, Templestowe, Eaglemont, Viewbank, Greensborough, Watsonia and many other places around Victoria.